Wedding dresses in Greek style

Свадебные платья в греческом стилеIf you don’t know what dress to choose for the wedding, think of the dress in Greek style. The information below helps you to make your choice and answers the frequent questions of brides.

Who suits wedding dress in Greek style?

Dresses in Greek style are perfect for different body constitution: such dresses suits to brides with a model figure as well as to ones with a voluptuous figure. Even girls, who are in the family way may chose optimum alternative of the wedding dress – drapes perfectly modify figure lines and hides shortcomings of the

The dress may have sleeves of different length, but the most interesting are sleeves widen at the rim to the arm. They may be sewed of the transparent cloth and of the same cloth of the dress. Bolero perfectly matches strapless wedding dress. Wedding dress in Greek style may be not only in calm colors and their shades, black and red colors are also available. She will fill comfortable and easy in such fashion of the dress. Vertical pleats visually crane the waist (it is essential for the short brides-to-be). Thin girl in such dress will look fatter and women with plump waist will be visually slimmer. Dresses made of close texture hide the navy chest and ones of chiffon underline the imperfection of the

Wide V-décolleté reveals tender neck and stresses the beauty of small breast. Round arms and gnarled shoulders will be hidden with the help of splendid shawl and delicate gloves. High waistline will hide the shortcomings of the buttocks, hips and

Tops of the dresses in Greek style

One of the distinguished characteristic of the mentioned dresses is high waistline. It is often underlined with the help of wide or narrow girdles, insertions or draped cloth. Other distinguished characteristic of wedding dresses in this style is an asymmetry – one of the shoulders is revealed and another is hidden by the wide

Also designers often crossed straps. Such fit stresses the line of the breast. Brides with the ideal line of the shoulders are recommended to reveal the shoulders, because dresses without straps are very feminine. If the line of shoulders is not the perfect one, it is corrected by the means of wide straps. If the bride do not want to stress the line of the shoulder, than delicate drape of the cloth will easily hide any shortcomings of this part of the body.

Varieties of the skirts

A bride will look gorgeous in the layered skirt of thin cloth, which reminds whitecaps of the sea. They are often accompanied by stylish trains. Such trains may be of different length – from very long to the “liberal” ones, which let bride to move without any difficulty. It’s trendy to wear skirts, which combines mini with maxi (bride’s legs are saucily revealed in the front of the dress, but the rest of the garment is virginal).wedding-dresses-in-greek-style-14

Hairdo to match wedding dress in Greek style

Long hair is the main condition for the hairdo in Greek style. Here one has several choices: to spin massive or small curls at the top of the head in such a way that underline the natural beauty of the hair strands. Another choice is to plait hair in the style of “chaplet” (a braid that is plaited at the top of the head and imitates the rim. Such hairdo may be done at the professional stylist as well as at home. Greek hairdo is usually decorated with pearls, laces or natural flowers. Often such the last straw of such hairdo is an elegant

Types of Greek make-up

There are three types of Greek make-up. They are distinguished according to the complexion of the girl.

Classical make-up is the best choice to the girls with dark or tanned skin. One should apply make-up foundation of gold-brown shade, beige-brown palette and pale matte lipstick.

Eastern make-upbecomes to the girls with fair complexion as well as with the dark one. But it better becomes to the dark-haired girls with fair skin. For creating this make-up, one should draw long lines to the temples. These lines are to make contrast with the eye shadow. Colored or brown eye shadow with the golden shade is applied to the eyelids.

Roman make-up is for chestnut-haired, blonde, red-haired brides with the fair skin. Pale shades are used to create such make-up – coral cheek colors, eye shadows of brown or smoky shade. The main requirement for gaining such make-up – is do not use any

Accessories to the wedding dresses in Greek style

Bride in the most neat and plain wedding dress in this style has a rich look. That’s why there is no need to wear much of decorationfor the stylish image. Tiaras, pearl ropes and thin chains correspond to the image of Greek queen. Choosing the footwear one should prefer elegant Grecian slippers or toeless shoes with thin bands.

If your choice is a wedding dress in Greek style, you will not regret: glamorous garment will turn you to the fairy princess and give you a particular allure.

Dresses in the Greek style - the best photos

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