The best make up for hazel-eyed girls

the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls29If you are one of the girls, who have brown eyes, the next recommendations are just for you.

Choosing eye shadow

Take into account the color of your hair and skin before buying eye shadow. The professional make-up artists advise hazel-eyed girlsthe next color of eye shadow:

  • browneyeshadowinallshadeandtincture – from sand-colored to chocolate-brown one;
  • beige-colored;
  • deep pink;
  • olive-colored;
  • green of different shades;
  • blue-purple palette: plum, light and deep blue.

If you have brown eyes and fair hair, the best choice for you is eye shadow in beige, green and deep pink color. The best color palette for ones, who have brown hair and dark shin: dark-brown, white, lilac and all shades of precious metals. Raven-haired girls should choice make up in deep dark-blue color.

Mascara and eyeliner

Brown mascara and eyeliner are recommended for ones, who have fair hair and eyes of emerald and gray shade. Such make up makes ones’ look natural and delicate. Raven-haired girls are recommended to apply black mascara and eyeliner.

Hazel-eyed celebrities

Beautieswithbrowneyesusuallyapply make-up and emphasizetheireyes. They are: Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba,Beyonce, Eva Longoria, KimKardashian.

The best make up for hazel-eyed girls — photo.

the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls1 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls2 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls3 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls4 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls5 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls6 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls7 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls8 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls9 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls10 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls11 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls12 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls13 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls14 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls15 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls16 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls17 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls18 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls19 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls20 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls21 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls22 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls23 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls24 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls25 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls26 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls27 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls28 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls29 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls30 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls31 the-best-make-up-for-hazel-eyed-girls32

The best make up for hazel-eyed girls — step by step photos

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