The best make up for blue eyes

the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes15If you are one of the girls, who have blue eyes, read the information below and your make up will be a perfect one.

Professional make-up artist advice

If you have light-blue eyes and fair skin, you should use eye shadow of the light shade because dark palette makes you older. Girls, who have dark skin and dark-blue eyes, will look gorgeous if they use eyeliner and mascara for the color of the eye shadow to look more intensive.

It’s also desirable to use blue eye shadow if its color is darker then the color of your eyes.

Mascara and eyeliner for the excellent make up

Black, brown and dark navy eyeliner is the best variant for blue eyes. Blonde-haired girls should use brown mascara and eyeliner for the day make up. Dark-haired women are recommended to use black eyeliner and black mascara.

Make up secrets of blue-eyed celebrities

Tailor Swift emphasizes her charming blue eyes by means of the faint eyeliner and faux eyelashes.

Pretty dark-haired Megan Fox uses maximum of the eyeliner and minimum of the eye shadow for daily make up. Megan usually uses brown eyeliner and volume mascara.

Scarlett Johansson has her own way for applying daily make up. She uses pearl eye shadow under her browns and lilac eye shadow – for the upper lid. Her final touch is to underline eyelashes with the help of the black mascara.

The best make up for blue eyes — photo

Beautiful makeup for blue eyes

the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes2 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes3 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes4 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes5 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes6 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes7 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes8 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes9 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes10

The best make up for blue eyes — Opt for Arrows!

the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes11 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes12 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes13 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes14 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes15

Evening makeup for blue eyes

the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes16 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes17 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes18 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes19 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes20 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes21 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes22 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes23 the-best-make-up-for-blue-eyes24

How to do makeup for blue eyes - photo lessons step by step




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