Make-up for green eyes

make-up-for-green-eyes11Make-up for green eyes is not an easy science, but if one becomes familiar with it, they get the certain benefit. If make- up is applied in the right way, it may turn a usual girl into a beauty.

Choosing eye shadow for the best make-up

Try different shades of brown color (note in particular shades of the chocolate color), dark-green of the golden or brassy shade. Use green-brown or peach color of the shadow as the base tone then apply shadow of the deeper color.make-up-for-green-eyes12

Green-eyed girl should use eye shadow of plum, metallic and dark-violet colors for the evening make-up. Such colors underline the beauty of the green eyes in the best way. Use golden or brassy shade for making your make-up more glamorous.make-up-for-green-eyes6

What color should not be used?

Green eyes do not match shades of dark or light blue color. These colors shade green eyes in the bad light, so one should refuse to use them. Do not risk using silver color of the eye shadow, let this color be used by blue-eyed girls.make-up-for-green-eyes13

Eyeliner and mascara

It’s not recommended to use black eyeliner. Apply eyeliner of chocolate or black-grey color. Do you want to emphasize your eyes? Use golden or white eyeliner.

Make-up artists advise green-eyed girls to sue dark-brown mascara or black one with the emerald-pearl pigments.make-up-for-green-eyes5

Green-eyed beauties

Among celebrities, who underline their green eyes are:Kate Middleton,Adele, Emma Stone, Kate Hudson, Kristen Stewart and Angelina Jolie.make-up-for-green-eyes15

Make-up for green eyes — photo. How to do makeup forgreen-eyed — step by step.

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