Bright wedding in Mexican style. Hot Wedding Trend!

If you plan a bright, magnificent and exotic wedding, Mexican style is exactly what you need! And you don’t have to travel to the Sun Country. If you want, you may spend there your honeymoon. But now take your time to prepare for the jolliest and unforgettable wedding ceremony. bright-wedding-in-mexican-style-hot-wedding-trend-3

The garment of groom and bride

In spite of the bright look of the wedding decorations, it’s better to choose garments in tradition colors. And the mentioned item most regards to the bride: usual white wedding dress is the perfect match to the bright decorations, while colorful folkloric garment may die away with general background. Thus the bright fest may turn to the tasteless and overbearing one. It’s better to provide yourself with multicolor trimmings and bright flowers!bright-wedding-in-mexican-style-hot-wedding-trend-15

Groom should choose the classic men’s suit with thematic accessories – Mexican poncho and sombrero. And bridesmaids would look gorgeous in bright dresses of various colors with ethnic motives!bright-wedding-in-mexican-style-hot-wedding-trend-8

Wedding ceremony

Whatever color decision you will choose for your wedding in Mexican style, all of that variants have one thing in common: the atmosphere of the bright fest, inimitable flavor, Latin-American music, ethnic cuisine and the peculiar local lore! Invite people, who insure festive mood and lively dance due to live music. Serve around and taste paella and taco and drink tequila and cerveza (beer mixed with juice) after these dishes.bright-wedding-in-mexican-style-hot-wedding-trend-5

Don’t forget about funny wedding games to entertain your guests! Every guest should be served a “kaskaron” – an egg, which is filled with confetti and has a user’s manual: when a guest nods, one should crack an egg on his head. It’s a Mexican tradition, which is said to bring luck. Another exciting tradition – one has bandage eyes and break pinata (a decorated earthenware pot, filled with candies) by the help of the stick. When the pot is cracked, everyone enjoy sweets!bright-wedding-in-mexican-style-hot-wedding-trend

Invited guests should be presented with makaras or fans as a remembrance. By the way, don’t forget to tell beforehand about the conception of your wedding ceremony and Mexican dress-code – bright dresses, and instead of “Now a kiss!” they should exclaim: “Viva!”.

Bright wedding in Mexican style — photo

Wedding in the Mexican style - it’s wonderful! See for yourself!

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